Final shutdown of PDFX-ready Online Tools

Two years ago, on Oct. 25th 2016, PDFX-ready launched a new service for the members of PDFX-ready and (in a limited Freeware version) also for everybody.

Running the PDFX-ready Online Tools was only possible thanks to serveral sponsors.

Recently we lost a sponsor which would have forced a change of the hosting provider. In consequences PDFX-ready would have to bear high costs for migrating and operating the server.

Since the beginning two years ago the usage of the Online Tools was below the expectations of PDFX-ready. In 2018 the number of registered users and processed jobs declined significantly.

That’s why the board of PDFX-ready has decided unanimously to shutdown the PDFX-ready Online Tools for ever on Octobre 25th, 2018 at 12:00 pm after exactly two years.

We thank all users and sponsors for their support during the last two years.

PDFX-ready custom Preflight report
for Callas pdfToolbox

We had developed a custom HTML template for the Preflight report of Callas pdfToolbox which added additional information (e.g. ink coverage) and a nicer design:

Responding to serveral demands we make available a ZIP archive with the template of our Preflight report for download.

Users of the Callas pdfToolbox can install the template on their computer after decompression of the ZIP archive.

The report is called in the window Create Report…:

Alternative solutions for discontinued
PDFX-ready Online Tools

Here are some alternative solutions for all users missing the PDFX-ready Online Tools:

  • PDF Preflight can be performed identically with the preflight profiles from PDFX-ready for Adobe Acrobat Pro (and Callas pdfToolbox). The only difference is the preflight report which had some additional information about the PDF and a much nicer design. Responding to serveral demands we make available the template of our Preflight report for download for users of Callas pdfToolbox.
  • For Color Preflight there is unfortunately no alternative solution. We have used DocBees Profile Tagger from ColorLogic for this task in the Online Tools. Because of low sales ColorLogic has decided to stop development and sale of the software. In case of interest please contact ColorLogic directly.
  • The ISO<–PSO Converter was using the DeviceLink profiles from the European Color Initiative. Those can be downloaded for free from the download page of ECI. They can be used with all tools which can execute DeviceLinks (e.g. Callas pdfToolbox Desktop and Server, Enfocus PitStop Pro and Server, ColorLogic ZePrA).