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During Color Preflight the Analyze feature of ColorLogic DocBees ProfileTagger verifies if the color space of each CMYK image in the PDF corresponds to the embedded output intent. If missing ISO Coated V2 300% is used. Depending on the degree of accuracy the results are sent to output folders for success, warnings or errors. ProfileTagger checks which of 25 preselected standard ICC profiles fits most probably the color space of the each image. This is not necessarily the profile which was orignally used but indicates the direction. Finally a cover page is added to the report and the merged PDF is sent to TeamBeam for transfer:


Color Preflight addressed a common problem of todays CMYK workflows based on PDF/X. In the same layout document CMYK images with different color spaces are placed without converting them first in PhotoShop to the document color space of the layout. In consequence many images do not match the output intent of the PDF/X document. In daily production one can easily find images with a dozen different color spaces in one single PDF. In the Color Preflight report in the row entitled Profile accuracy the conformability (%) with the output intent is documented. Under Profile accuracy (recommended) the most probable ICC profile from a list of 25 standard ICC profiles is listed:


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