The FREEWARE version is available for everybody for free. The PREMIUM versions are available only for PDFX-ready members (indiviual, corporate, partner).

The file size for the FREEWARE version is limited to 10 MB. In addition some options  are not available in the FREEWARE version.

System requirements

For using the PDFX-ready Connectors the following requirements must be met:

  • Operating system: MacOS 10.9 and higher or Windows 7 and higher
  • Internet connection
  • E-mail application and an e-mail address
  • Application for displaying PDF documents with comments
    (e.g. Adobe Acrobat (Reader), Apple Preview, …)


Before downloading the PDFX-ready Connector a registration is required:

First name and last name*


E-Mail* (Unfortunately email addresses with ".swiss" are not working yet.)

Operating system(s)*

Terms of service* (see below)
I accept.

* = required

In case you get an error message after Send then please use the alternate registration form.

These are the Terms of service which must be accepted above.

After submitting the registration form you will get an e-mail with links to download the Connector apps for Mac and Windows as well as instruction for the installation and usage of the connector and an overview of the PDFX-ready Online Tools to the e-mail address used for the registration.

In case of questions or problems with the PDFX-ready Online Tools you can send an email to

Please send (negative and positive!) feedback to

We also have created a short survey about the use of the PDFX-ready Online Tools. Completing the survey only takes a few minutes.

You can help to improve the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

Thanks for your support!

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Terms of service for PDFX-ready Online Tools

(english translation of german orginal)


The agreement of these Terms of Service is required for using the PDFX-ready Online Tools. This is also applies to the Freeware version.


PDFX-ready provides the PDFX-ready Online Tools on a Switch server in the Internet (Cloud). In order to upload the PDF documents for processing a PDFX-ready Connector for Macintosh or Windows is required.

The user must ensure himself that the connector can establish a connection to the server. In some cases an adaption of the firewall settings is necessary.


A registration is required before downloading the PDFX-ready Connectors.


PDFX-ready is making every effort to ensure the availability of the service. However technical problems and/or maintenance work can lead to a temporary unavailablility of the server.


PDFX-ready can adjust, enhance, limit or terminate the PDFX-ready Online Tools service at any time. In no cirumstances the user has any right to compensation of damages.


The uploaded PDF files of the users are deleted immediately after processing on the server.

Immediately after processing the results (preflight reports, converted files) are transfered encrypted to the independant TeamBeam service of Skalio GmbH. Afterwards the Results are deleted on the Switch server. Skalio stores the transmitted data encryted on the TeamBeam server and sends an e-mail notification to the e-mail address provided in the job ticket with a link to download the result from the TeamBeam server.

The results are available for download on the TeamBeam server during seven days. The data can be deleted anytime by the user. TeamBeam is fully compliant to the requirements of the german data privacy act (BDSG). The general terms of Skalio GmbH apply.

PDFX-ready stores the meta data and thre preflight reports for statical purposes. PDFX-ready has the right to share these statstical data with the sponsors of the PDFX-ready Online Tools.


Preflight reports are the result of a technical check of a PDF file using preflight checks which are based on industry standards. With these checks many common problems in PDF files for print production can be found. But not all problems can be detected by preflight. A successful preflight report does therefore not guarantee that the PDF document leads to the expected print result.

Liability disclaimer

PDFX-ready accepts no liability for damages caused by transmission problems, non-availability or termination of the service, wrong results, data loss or other damages that may arise from the use of the PDFX-ready Online Tools. Under no cirumstances any claim of damages will be accepted.


In case of abuse PDFX-ready can exclude a user or user group from the access to the PDFX-ready Online Tools without given any reasons.


Users of the Freeware version do not quality for support. Support is only available for users of the Premium versions. Support is limited to questions concerning the handling of the PDFX-ready Online Tools. Problems with PDF files or questions regarding preflight results cannot be addressed.


Only the german version of these Terms of Service (Nutzungsbedingungen für die PDFX-ready Online Tools) is legally binding. This english translation is only provided as a courtesy.

 In addition to the Nutzungsbedingungen also the general terms of PDFX-ready (Allgemeinen Geschäftbedingungen von PDFX-ready) apply.

 Version 1.0 / October 2016