ISO<–>PSO Converter


ISO<–>PSO Converter converts colors in PDF/X files from the traditional printing standard FOGRA39 into the new standard FOGRA51 and vice versa. The process plan in pdfToolbox first checks if the PDF complies to a PDF/X standard. If one of the FOGRA39 profiles (see below) is used in the output intent a conversion to PSO Coated V3 is perfomed. In the case of a PSO Coated V3 output intent a conversion to ISO Coated V2 300% takes place:


In all other cases a problem report is generated:


The free DeviceLink profiles of ECI are used for the conversion. These profiles only adapt the tone value curves. No conversion of the gray balance takes place (like in Adobe PhotoShop). The Black separation as well as pure primary and secondary colors are retained.

With this tool PDFX-ready actively supports the transition from the traditional to the new printing standard for sheetfed offset printing on coated paper.

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