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PDF Preflight is executed with the Callas pdfToolbox Server. PDF Preflight checks the PDFs with the well-known preflight profiles of PDFX-ready for PDF/X compliancy and against the PDF/X-Plus specifications of PDFX-ready and the Ghent Workgroup and a comprehensive report is created.

Based on the entries in the job ticket and the standard used by the PDF the Pro­file Selector dynamically selects the corresponding profile from a library of PDFX-ready pre­flight profiles. Depending from the result of the PDFX-ready preflight the reports are distributed to on of three folders (Success, Warnings, Error):

pdf-preflightFor the Preflight overview report PDFX-ready is using the new feature of Callas pdfToolbox to customize the preflight reports. Beside the PDFX-ready Logo in the header we also add additional information (e.g. percentage of ink coverage per separation):

The preflight messages have the follwing meaning:

  • Errors which point to a serious problem. The reason of the error should be fixed in the layout document when ever possible. If an error cannot be fixed a information/explanation should be distributed together with the PDF document.
  • Warnings which point to possible problems which are not always a real problems. The creator must decide if there is a real problem (e.g. a black text which does not overprint is not a problem as long as the text is not placed over a color background).
  • Infos do not point to a problem but give additional information and useful hints (e.g. image resolution too high).

In the case of warnings and errors beside the overview report also a detail report is generated. Users of a Premium version can choose between a details report with comments, layers and masks. Freeware users always get the comments report.

Finally a cover page is added to the reports and the merged PDF is sent to TeamBeam for transfer.

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