PDFX-ready Connector

The PDFX-ready Connectors were generated with Enfocus Connect Send. This application allows a high customization of the connectors (app icon, background, job ticket, transmission parameters, time limit, size limit).

After starting the Connector a PDF files can be dropped on the connector window or on the icon of the application in the operating system:

After file selection the connector connects to the server and downloads the current job ticket:


Afterwards the PDF files and the job ticket information is uploaded to the Switch server:



Now the PDF is processed with the selected tool on the Switch server either with Callas pdfToobox Servers (for PDF Preflight and ISO<–>PSO Converter) or ColorLogic DocBees ProfileTagger (for Color Preflight). A PDFX-ready cover page is added to the results.

There are four variants of the PDFX-ready Connector::


These four connectors are available in German and English for Macintosh and Windows operting systems.

The FREEWARE version can be requested here.

The PREMIUM versions are valid until March 15th of next year (due date of the PDFX-ready membership fees). PDFX-ready members will get an e-mail with a link to the registration page including the associated password after payment of the annual membership fee.

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