PDF checks in the cloud

The PDFX-ready Online Tools is a new innovative service for members of PDFX-ready and is also (in a limited version) available for free for non-members.

The PDFX-ready Online Tools allow performing interesting analyses and conversions on a server in the cloud with the help of a free PDFX-ready Connector. PDF Preflight checks the PDFs with the well-known preflight profiles of PDFX-ready and a comprehensive report is created. Color Preflight can determine the original color spaces of CMYK images in a PDF. The ISO<–>PSO Converter converts PDF files from FOGRA39 (ISO Coated V2) to FOGRA51 (PSO Coated V3) and vice versa. The results are sent via e-mail with a download link.

For uploading the PDF files and for filling in the job tickets a PDFX-ready Connector is required. The application is available in a FREEWARE version for everybody and PREMIUM versions for members of PDFX-ready. The PDFX-ready Connectors have been created with Enfocus Connect Send.

The PDFX-ready Online Tools are installed on a cloud server of Impressed. Enfocus Switch is managing the processing of the uploaded PDF files. According to the entries of the job ticket the files are distributed to the Callas pdfToolbox Server for PDF Preflight and the ISO<–>PSO conversion or to the ColorLogic DocBees ProfileTagger for performing the Color Preflight. For transfering the results the internet service TeamBeam Pro is used.

The PDFX-ready Online Tools are generously supported by Callas Software, ColorLogic, Enfocus Software, Impressed, Calibrate, PDF-AKTUELL.

Privacy for PDFX-ready Online Tools

On May 26th the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU became effective. Since a lot the visitors of this web site and also many users of the PDFX-ready Online Tools live in the EU, we are also concerned by this new regulation.

That’s why we have created a Privacy Statement (german original) and also enhanced the Impressum (german original). All (registration) forms now contain a mandatory checkbox to accept storage of the data.

In addition we have signed Data Processing contracts with our service providers.

New PDFX-ready Connectors released

Because of licensing reasons the PDFX-ready Connectors are time limited. Just in time before they become invalid, we have released version 3 of the PDFX-ready Connectors.

Users of the FREEWARE version can get the new version by registering again.

Users of a PREMIUM version will get the link and the password to download the new version by e-mail to the official contact (listed in the member directory) as soon as the payment of the membership fee for 2018 is received.

The new versions are valid until 15.3.2019.

One year PDFX-ready Online Tools

In the morning of Octobre 26th, 2016 we have launched the PDFX-ready Online Tools. Right at the beginning we offered three tools:

There is a FREEWARE and PREMIUM versions for members of PDFX-ready.

The experience we made in the past year is pretty good. The Enfocus Switch server with the applications Callas pdfToolbox and ColorLogic ProfileTagger is running very stable. But of course there were a few problems.

Read more…One year PDFX-ready Online Tools

eciCMYK is already integrated Color Preflight

The recently released ICC profile eciCMYK (FOGRA53) of the new CMYK exchange color space is already integrated in Color Preflight of the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

This means that the color space of the CMYK images in a PDF document is also checked against the profile eciCMYK.icc.

Preflight profiles updated to V1.5 / V2.5

The profiles used in PDF Preflight are update to the latest version of the PDFX-ready Preflight profiles.

The latest versions feature the following changes:

  • V2.5 (for PDF/X-4):
    • Removed check for single-color hairlines (< 0.125 pt) since these lines are no longer problematic in modern CTP and Digital workflows.
    • Check of multi-color objects (text < 8 pt; lines < 0.25 pt) also for Digital Printing.
    • More details in explanation for spot color check.
    • Compatibility with PDF/X-4 created by QuarkXPress 2016/2017.
  • V1.5 (for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3):
    • New checks for recognition of black texts and vektors which most probably were re-separated (was alredy in V2.4).
    • More details in explanation for spot color check.
    • Removal of check “Annotation of this type not allowed (GWG)” (alignment with V2.x).

Notification for new blog posts

BlogtrottrIn the right side bar we have added a feature to register an email address with Blogtrottr in order to receive a notification email when a new blog post has been published on online-tools.ch

After submission of your email address you must subscribe to the first feed (https://online-tools.ch/en/feed/) on the Blogtrottr page. The second feed is only for the comments.

You will then receive a confirmation mail by Blogtrottr which you must confirm in order to activate the service.

At the end of each notification mail there is a link to stop this service.